Why Do a Short Course

Keeping your mind active is important, not just in a professional setting but also in your personal life. Refreshing skills, or developing new ones, is a great way to exercise your brain and make life more interesting. Here are just some of the many benefits to getting started with a short course.

Time efficiency

Many of us have grand plans to study but a lack of time often stops us from taking the first step. Short courses allow you to pick up new skills in small bursts, and often with the option of self-paced and flexible learning.

Real qualifications

Anyone can post a ‘how-to’ video on YouTube, but the skills you develop through studying an online short course come with a real qualification or certificate which demonstrates you gained these skills through trained and experienced professionals.

No prerequisites

Many short courses don’t require any previous study or qualifications, making it easily accessible to anyone who is willing to learn and ready to get started.


If you’re the type of person who thirsts for knowledge, then short courses are a great way of satisfying your curious mind. Whether it’s gaining an IT certification or diving into a new hobby with a little help, the online short course world is your oyster.

Test the water

Some people get halfway through a course only to discover it’s not for them, and either choose to drop out or begrudgingly continue on as not to ‘waste time or money’. Studying a short course allows you to try different areas of interest without a long-term commitment. If you choose to continue on in one area, you might even be able to gain credit for what you have already studied!

Keep your mind fresh

Companies, such as Nintendo, continue to develop games to ‘train your brain’ and keep your grey matter active. Enrolling in a short course will keep your mind vigilant while also expanding your skillset – and can be cheaper than buying a gaming console too.

Impress your boss

Studying a short course is a great way to show your manager or employer that you’re invested in professional development. Some companies will even cover the cost of short courses if they see it to be worthwhile or if the budget allows for it.

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Bronwyn Jones