Stuck in a professional or study rut? Considering your next academic move? When contemplating your options for boosting your qualifications there are a number of factors to consider… How much will it cost? How much time will it take? Where will it lead? Perhaps a less daunting option is to undertake a short course. Short courses offer a recognised qualification, led by industry professionals, however, they come at a lower cost and shorter duration – sounds like a win-win.

Short courses are a great way to enable you with specialised industry know-how and are geared towards career enhancement. So, if you’re looking to move into an entirely new industry, or if you want to develop your understanding or capabilities in your current field, a single unit course, certificate or diploma can be a powerful addition to your vocational expertise.

Undertaking one or multiple short courses throughout your career will not only equip you with the latest know-how, but it could greatly impact the rate you move up the pay scale – something not many of us would appreciate. Plus, every time you equip yourself with a valuable skill required by your company, the more integral you become to their success – hello promotion!

What about if you’re on the job hunt? Your short course qualifications will do wonders for your CV. The more dedicated you are to your study the more that tells your potential employer that you’re motivated, knowledgeable and dedicated to self-improvement.

Be sure to take advantage of online forums and study groups to build your network and connect with other like-minded professionals – who knows where these connections may lead you.

To develop a short course, the same rigorous procedures are undertaken to ensure that students are delivered up-to-date content that is relevant and will give them a professional edge. By doing your course with a registered training provider you’ll be graduating with a qualification that is nationally recognised.

From beauty and finance to accounting, business, project management, marketing, animal care and more – we have short courses to cover them all! So if you think a short course is the best way to fill in gaps in your knowledge or skills then enquire about a recognised certificate or diploma today!

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Jenny Sakr