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  • Digital Delivery with Agile

    Harness agile and lean methodologies and master the art of project management with this short course in Digital Delivery with Agile led by RMIT Online. 


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  • Writing Technical Documentation

    If you are responsible for writing or editing technical material such as user manuals, staff instructions, procedures manuals, reference materials or training manuals this Writing Technical Document workshop is ideal for you. This course is specially designed for: Technical writers, Training specialists, Business and systems analysts, Information technology managers, Security and safety professionals, Publications managers, Researchers, Quality managers, Project managers

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  • Project Management Fundamentals

    This Project Management Fundamental course is designed for participants who want to understand the basic concepts of Project Management. It is useful for Technical specialists/engineers moving into a project management team role, or working for a project manager but who have not had much, if any, experience to date.

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  • Assertiveness at Work

    This Assertiveness workshop is for everyone who wants to understand assertive behavior and how it can increase your personal power, effectiveness, and self-confidence. It is as much for over-confident, direct people as it is for timid under-confident people because the former behavior does not necessarily elicit the best outcomes for business and people in the long-term. People who have recently benefited from attending this workshop includes IT Managers, Office Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Managers, Operations Managers, Training Officers, Clerical Officers, Executive Assistants & Office Administrators.

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  • Project 2016

    This Project 2016 course is designed for a person with an understanding of project management concepts and who is responsible for creating and maintaining project plans. The course will give the student a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Project 2016 necessary to create and save project plans.

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  • Prince2® Foundation

    This course is designed for anyone requiring a detailed understanding of the PRINCE2® method or wishing to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam. For those requiring a greater focus on the practical application of PRINCE2® within your organization or for different types and sizes of projects, it is recommended that you attend the PRINCE2® In-Practice Course.

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  • Prince2® Practitioner

    The 2-day PRINCE2® Practitioner course is designed for project management professionals who have already taken and passed their PRINCE2® Foundation Exam; and need to apply the method in-practice and who require the internationally recognized PRINCE2® registered practitioner status. It is also mandatory for anyone wishing to become a PRINCE2® consultant.

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  • Prince2® Agile Practitioner

    Those who currently have experience with agile may want to become familiar with, and perhaps ultimately adopt, an internationally recognized standard for project management along with their existing agile capability. Those who are relatively new to agile may want to become familiar with, and perhaps ultimately adopt, an internationally recognized standard for project management as they evolve their agile capability.

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  • Java SE 7 Fundamentals

    This Java SE 7 Fundamentals course is best suited for:  •Web Administrator •Application Developers •System Administrator •Project Manager •Developer •Technical Consultant •Portal Developer •Technical Administrator

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  • Java SE 8 Fundamentals

    This Java SE 8 Fundamentals course is suited for: •Application Developers •System Administrator •Project Manager •Developer •Technical Consultant •Technical Administrator •Team Leader •Web Administrator

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  • Project Management Fundamentals

    Designed for new or aspiring project managers, this online Project Management Fundamental course provides the knowledge and tools to effectively initiate and manage workplace projects.

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  • Applied Project Management

    Aligned to industry competency standards, this online Applied Project Management course is perfect for anyone involved in workplace projects.

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Is project management right for you?

As a project manager, your role is to oversee the planning, coordination and completion of projects for your company. You’ll be defining the project’s goals, timelines and team members, assigning tasks, and managing the budget and resources allocated to the project.

To accomplish all this successfully, you need a certain set of skills and qualities! Project managers are generally highly organised people. They have strong communication and leadership skills that enable them to manage the project team, provide support, and ensure tasks are completed on time and to a high standard.

You’ll need problem-solving skills to deal with any roadblocks or issues that arise over the course of the project. You should also be comfortable with taking responsibility for key decisions that impact the outcomes and success of a project.

Job opportunities

Project management is a large occupation in Australia, with employment projected to remain steady over the next five years. Here are a few quick facts about project management job opportunities in Australia…

  • Almost all project managers work full-time.
  • Salaries for full-time project managers are dependent on the industry the project manager works in, but tend to be higher than the national average. Salaries generally start around the $60,000 mark and can range to $150,000 for higher-level/senior positions.
  • The majority of project managers tend to fall within the 45–54 age bracket, but the percentage of project managers in the 35–44 bracket is higher than the national average, meaning you don’t necessarily need seniority to pursue a successful project management career.

Types of courses

So, where to start when it comes to project management courses? From short courses for beginners through to higher-level TAFE courses, there are plenty of options for those aspiring to become project managers, each offering its own pathway into the industry. Here’s a quick look at the different types of project management courses available throughout Australia.

Short courses

Project management short courses are a great way to get a feel for the role, or to pursue a new career path if you’re already working in the business world. These courses generally cover the basics of project management, introducing you to the fundamental skills and knowledge you’ll need for a successful career.

Certificate IV

A Certificate IV course is the baseline for project management education in Australia. With an average course duration of just one year, a Certificate IV will set you on the path towards project management, covering the key skills you need to organise and communicate with teams, control costs, mitigate risk and ensure productivity.

Career Outcomes

As a qualified project manager, you’ll have a set of transferable skills that will enable you to pursue a career in any number of different industries, from professional services to health care to information media and telecommunications. Potential job titles could include:

  • Project Administrator
  • Project Analyst
  • Contract Administrator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Senior Project Administrator