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Is practice management right for you?

To pursue a successful career in practice management, you will need to be a highly organised person, with the skills to plan and coordinate people, processes and resources. You’ll need to be ready to take on a leadership role in order to guide staff and control the day-to-day functions of a professional practice.

No matter what type of practice you work in, it will be your job to keep the place running smoothly. Your tasks might include everything from delegating work to staff and monitoring their performances, to ensuring the practice’s building/s and equipment are adequately maintained.

You’ll need to be a decision-maker and a problem-solver, with the confidence to supervise and manage others. You’ll also need highly effective communication skills and a strong understanding of general administration, human resources and management practices.

Job opportunities

According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook initiative, the practice management industry has grown very strongly over recent years. This strong growth is expected to continue through to 2022, with over 20,000 job openings in practice management likely to arise during this time.

Here are a few facts and statistics about practice management careers in Australia:

  • Around 85% of practice managers work in the health care and social assistance industries.
  • This occupation currently employs over 27,000 workers, with the total number of practice management professionals expected to grow to more than 31,000 by 2022.
  • Rates of pay are dependent on the particular industry, but salaries for practice managers usually range from around $48,000 through to $82,000+.

Types of courses

There are a range of practice management courses available to set you on your career path. Whether you want to work in a medical practice or any of the other industries that require practice managers, there is a course that’s right for you. Here’s some information on the various types of practice management courses available in Australia.

Short courses

Practice management short courses will provide you with an introduction to the fundamentals of practice management. They can help you get a feel for the industry or pave the way to higher-level courses and a successful career.

Certificate III

A Certificate III course often covers a specific industry, such as the medical and healthcare industry, which is one of the biggest employers of practice managers. Certificate III qualifications are a great starting place for those wishing to enter the practice management profession.

Certificate IV

A Certificate IV course can help put aspiring practice managers on the path to their ideal career, providing a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in key areas such as work health and safety, medical terminology and clinical coding.

Career Outcomes

A career in practice management could see you working in a variety of professional practice environments, from various health practices to those in the legal, accounting or architectural industries. Some potential job titles include:

  • Ward Clerk
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Admissions Clerk

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