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Is personal training right for you?

It seems pretty obvious, but if you’re considering a career in personal training, you need to love exercise – and we mean really love exercise! It’s difficult to teach and train others if you don’t have a high level of fitness yourself, so to succeed in this industry, you need to be energetic and passionate about health and fitness.

But practical skills and dedication in the gym aren’t all you need. You’ll be working individually with clients to help them set and achieve personal fitness goals, so you also need to be a great communicator and motivator, with the positivity and patience to encourage and support people on their journeys.

If you choose to start up and run your own personal training business, you will also need to be highly organised, with strong planning skills and the motivation to make your business succeed.

Job opportunities

The personal training industry has shown strong growth over the past five years, and is only expected to grow further over the next five. According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook website, throughout that future period, it’s likely that more than 20,000 personal trainer job openings will be created. Here are a few more quick stats about personal trainers in Australia:

  • Around 36% of personal trainers work full-time, with the remaining 64% working part-time.
  • The average wage for a personal trainer with five years’ experience lies in the $57,000–$87,000 bracket.
  • The number of personal trainers in Australia is expected to grow from 31,000 (2017) to more than 38,000 by 2022.

Types of courses

With so many personal training courses available Australia-wide, you’ll be spoilt for choice when starting your fitness education. From short courses that let you get a feel for the industry and the job, to comprehensive Certificate IV courses that are recognised nationwide, there’s an education pathway for every ambition. Here’s what you can expect from each type of personal training course.

Short courses

Personal training short courses are often the first step people take into the industry. With many different types available, short courses can act as a stepping stone to higher qualifications, and can also be useful throughout your career as you further your professional development or pursue a specialised area of fitness instruction.

Certificate III

A Certificate III is the standard national qualification for those wishing to become professional fitness instructors. With an average course duration of one year, a Certificate III allows you to specialise in group exercise instruction, introducing you to the concepts of individual client assessment and exercise program development.

Certificate IV

The Certificate IV is the most popular type of course for aspiring personal trainers. Over a one-year average course duration, Certificate IV students will develop specialised skills for personal training, including in-depth knowledge of exercise planning, conducting and evaluation.

Career Outcomes

As a personal trainer, you might work with clients as part of an existing gym, or even run your own personal training business. Potential job titles include:



  • Personal Trainer
  • Boot Camp Instructor
  • Gym Instructor
  • Group Exercise Instructor

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