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    Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology

    The online Certificate II in Information Technology course is comprised of eight core IT units, which teach basic information and communications technology skills.

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    10997- Office 365 Administration and Troubleshooting

    This 10997- Office 365 Administration and Troubleshooting courses are intended for both novice and experienced programmers who have a minimum of three months programming experience and have basic Windows navigation skills. This course is intended for IT professionals and system administrators who want to learn about administration and troubleshooting techniques in Office 365. These professionals should have at least three years of experience working in their respective fields—typically in the areas of system administration, network administration, and messaging.

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  • OnlineOn Campus

    10979 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

    The audience for this 10979 - Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course will include:

    •Individuals who want to evaluate deploying, configuring, and administering services and virtual machines using Microsoft Azure.
    •Developers who want to evaluate creating Microsoft Azure solutions.
    •Windows Server administrators who are looking to evaluate the migration of on-premises roles and services to the cloud.
    •IT professionals who want to evaluate the use of Microsoft Azure to host websites and mobile app back-end services.
    •Database administrators who want to evaluate the use of Microsoft Azure to host Microsoft SQL Server databases.

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  • On Campus

    20486- Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications

    This Microsoft 20486 course is intended for professional web developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio in an individual-based or team-based, small-sized to a large development environment. Candidates for this course are interested in developing advanced web applications and want to manage the rendered HTML comprehensively. They want to create websites that separate the user interface, data access, and application logic.

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