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Nail Technicians oversee the styling and pampering of other people's nails. This may include naturally treating the hands and feet with massage, removing callus, trimming cuticles and painting nails and/or applying false nails such as acrylic, Ecrinal silk strengthener or gel coverings and polishing the nails with colours, decorative designs, jewellery or French manicure.

People of all ages require their nails professionally done either for work purposes, personal grooming or for fun and bonding experiences, regularly or as a once of.

Is Becoming a Nail Technician Right For Me?

If the thought of touching other people's hands and feet made you shudder to your very core then becoming a nail technician probably isn’t the best career choice for you. Promoting relaxation and improving circulation is one of the mandatory skills a nail technician requires to perform through massage.

Besides the physical aspects of the job, nail technicians need to demonstrate professionalism and a pampering image when dealing with clients. They should be well presented themselves and possess great customer service competency in communicating with their clientele.

Other important traits a nail technician should possess are patience, empathy, attention to detail, some creativity, initiative, being able to work in a team, organisation skills and a gentle caring nature. Displaying these 'non-technical' abilities in this industry will put you on the right path to having a successful career as a nail technician.

Job Opportunities

A career as a Nail Technician can lead to further job opportunities, here are a few facts and figures from Open Colleges and to consider:

  • Salary range for Nail Technicians is currently $32,113 - $52,316
  • Around 24,500 people are currently employed as Nail Technicians in Australia. This is set to increase to 30,800 people by 2019, according to the Department of Employment.
  • 29.7% of all Nail Technicians are employed in NSW. The area with the lowest number of Nail Technicians is NT, with only 0.9%.
  • This is a very female dominated industry with 0.6% of Nail Technicians being male and 99.4% female

Types of Courses

There are a few different choices when venturing into a career in nails. The courses available can be undertaken by people living Australia wide in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne both online and face to face.

Depending on whether you are a beginner or someone who has completed a few short courses already and is looking to further your career, navigating your way through what's on offer can be overwhelming. Are you new to the industry with no experience? Completing an online short course through TAFE is a great way to enter this industry.

Here is a brief overview of some of the courses available in becoming a nail technician.

Short Courses

Short Courses are plentiful in the nail industry. They differ in length but can generally be completed over several weeks. They focus on the basics for beginners in nail technology or the specifics of individual nail treatments such as acrylics.

Certificate II

A Certificate II is a qualification that provides an outlook into having a career as a nail technician. It covers the business basics of maintaining an environmentally sustainable work practice, conducting financial transactions, advanced nail art as well as researching and applying beauty industry information.

Certificate III

A certificate III is available online through Open Colleges with generally 12 months given to complete the course. Learn from leading industry professionals about the most advanced techniques in the business whilst being educated on how to become the most sought after nail technician by providing a high quality, skilful service to your clients.  

Certificate IV

This qualification will further your career into beauty therapy. As well as nails this certificate will provide you with a full range of services including skin care treatments, massage and waxing. It is available online to work at your own pace within an 18-month period with a placement of work to be conducted in the setting of your choice. Learn theory and gain knowledge through online study and work placement.


Career Outcomes

A career as a nail technician could see you travel the world working in high profile salons or simply provide you with the flexibility to work from home. Here are a few potential job titles in the industry:

  • Nail Technician
  • Nail Artist

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