Think On Your Feet

New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology
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    New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology (RTO 91656)
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    Short Course
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    On Campus
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  • Duration
    2 Days
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    Upfront payment
  • Duration
    2 Days
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    NSW | VIC | QLD | WA

overviewCourse Overview

 The Think on Your Feet workshop by The New Horizon Australia Institute of Technology begins with quick coherent thinking – the bedrock of communication – and ends with dramatically sharpening skills to speak more convincingly. The workshop provides all-purpose strategies for organizing your ideas and shows how to match your message to your audience. The primary focus of this course is developing the ability to get your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively and quickly; which is a core skill in any workplace. 

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What you'll learnWhat You'll Learn

In this Think on Your Feet course, the subjects you may study include:

  • Module 1: Getting to the point and being remembered
  • Module 2: Presenting your ideas
  • Module 3: Using handy fall-back techniques when you’re caught off guard
  • Module 4: Handling questions quickly, clearly and persuasively
  • Module 5: Using “visual” pegs as your structure
  • Module 6: Avoiding common communication traps
  • Module 7: Dividing information into facets, aspects of perspectives
  • Module 8: Bridging from question to answer
  • Module 9: How to broaden or focus Your listener's perspective
  • Module 10: Moving two opposing viewpoints to a middle ground
  • Module 11: Selling the benefits of your ideas, products, services
  • Module 12: Fleshing out your ideas
  • Module 13: Telling a story: who? what? where? why? when?
  • Module 14: Combining Think on Your Feet formats to build longer presentations

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Where will it lead meWhere Will It Lead Me?

Upon successful completion of Think on Your Feet Training by The New Horizon, students will be able to:

  • Answer questions quickly and coherently, especially when under fire
  • Structure ideas simply and persuasively
  • Use six basic organization formats to focus communication and display analysis
  • Flesh-out ideas with memorable examples
  • Avoid common communication traps
  • Handle objections positively
  • Deal with hostile situations
  • Use “bridging” strategies to clarify questions, defuse issues and buy time
  • Anticipate questions and prepare answers
  • Use techniques to identify listeners? hopes, fears and background knowledge
  • Use simple, jargon-free language that listeners can understand
  • Turn nervousness into energy
  • Separate topics clearly using transitions
  • Organise ideas while talking


How much will it costHow Much Will It Cost?

An upfront payment of $1660 is required to enroll in this course. Enquire now to find out more!

Pre-requisitesWhat You'll Need To Get In

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Campus locationsCampus Location

Campus locations

This course can be delivered on campus to provide you with practical training in a face-to-face learning environment. It is available to study at the following locations:

New South Wales






Western Australia

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