Effective Staff Supervision Workshop

Aptitude Management
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    Short Course
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    2 Days
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    2 Days
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    Administration Supervisor | Supervisor

overviewCourse Overview

What to drive results from your team? Do you expect a certain level of respect as a manager? Want to achieve great outcomes for your organisation? Build the essential skills of an effective supervisor with the Effective Staff Supervision Workshop from Aptitude Management. 

Presented over two days, this workshop is specially designed to help you succeed in your role as a supervisor and enhance your skills. Learn all about different communication styles, how to deliver feedback, conduct performance reviews, delegate tasks, run coaching sessions and much more. 

The program includes a detailed learner guide, refreshments provided throughout the day and a sit-down lunch. Enquire now to find a workshop near you!

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What you'll learnWhat You'll Learn

<p>In this leadership course you may learn the following: </p>
<li>Become much more comfortable in establishing your role as a supervisor.</li>
<li>Adapt to different situations by utilising a wide range of management styles designed for supervising others.</li>
<li>Learn powerful strategies for providing positive and/ or  constructive feedback when needed.</li>
<li>Learn how to conduct workplace coaching sessions that get results.</li>
<li>Learn about delegation and how to delegate tasks effectively.</li>

Why study withWhy Study With Aptitude Management

Want to gain a professional edge? Take your leadership skills to the next level with Aptitude Management!

Aptitude have extensive experience in addressing issues commonly faced by managers, which is why they’ve created a range of specialised courses designed for mid-level leaders that aim to expand your tool kit to help you become a better leader - because after all, a better leader means a better performing and happier team.

With expert-led workshops running Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, there’s never been a better time to upskill and create a brighter future for you and your workplace.

By signing up to a workshop with Aptitude Management you’re committing to bettering your skills, career and workplace, and because your success is their success, Aptitude will provide attendees with post-workshop coaching sessions. These sessions will further encourage positive behavioural change and improve information retention.

Where will it lead meWhere Will It Lead Me?

<p>Upon completing the Effective Staff Supervision Workshop you will have the practical strategies and tools for enhancing your capabilities as a supervisor.</p>

  • Administration Supervisor
  • Supervisor

How much will it costHow Much Will It Cost?

<p>The full fee for this course is $1,350.</p>

Pre-requisitesWhat You'll Need To Get In

<p>This course is suited to new or seasoned frontline managers.</p>
<p>There are no formal prerequisites. </p>

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