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    Life In Balance Careers
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    Short Course
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    $1,450 plus GST until 30th April, then $4,450 plus GST
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    Delivered over 10 weeks (50 hours of live online and 12 hours of self-paced study)
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    Payment planUpfront payment
  • Duration
    Delivered over 10 weeks (50 hours of live online and 12 hours of self-paced study)
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    24th February 2021
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    Life Coach

overviewCourse Overview

Do you have a genuine desire to change people’s lives through coaching? Look to the Life in Balance Careers Accredited Life Coaching course!

Excel your life, your passion, your business and best of all, help others! Simply log on to LIVE interactive sessions and learn to become one step closer to becoming a fully-fledged coach. This is a quality course approved by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). The ICF sets the global standard in coaching and is highly regarded. It means you can go on to gain your first level credential as an ACC level coach, bringing high credibility.

You will build the knowledge needed to be a Coach through an ICF approved course. You will explore the core competencies involving coaching ethics and agreements, powerful questioning, deep listening and several other competencies. The course will occur within an online interactive setting, to help you experience live dialogue and coaching conversations. You’ll experience real-time learning situations, allowing the application of new skills which will be applied in the moment for sustainable learning and potential credentialing.

Delivered over 10 weeks (50 hours of live online and 12 hours of self-paced study). Live online sessions are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:00-7:30 am (Sydney Time).

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What you'll learnWhat You'll Learn

In this Life Coach Academy, the competencies covered are likely to include:

  • Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client/Coachee
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication
  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress and Accountability

Why study withWhy Study With Life In Balance Careers

Life in Balance Careers is a full-service training company. Our Mission is to Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of One Million People. We offer consultancy opportunities for aspiring and experienced coach practitioners, public speakers, and business and corporate trainers. From one on one coaching to comprehensive workshops. We also offer the pathway towards the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certification. Life in Balance Careers is all about helping clients have the best year of their lives though sound psychology and evidence-based sessions, and we have been working alongside professionals for over 30 years.

Life in Balance Careers has a 30-year history in training and developing professionals who want to work with clients in one to one scenarios, team environments, group coaching and run private or group coaching programs, workshops, and help individuals and businesses with culture change, strategic planning, people development and transformation. Life in Balance Careers offers a range of programs and courses based on psychological principles and evidence-based methodologies.

The possibilities for you, your business and your clients are endless, so enquire about a course today and discover a world of opportunity that awaits.

Life in Balance Careers is about helping you find your own version of success. It is more than just a course as you may receive ongoing mentoring, business support, online resources, materials and IP. As a “student” of Life in Balance Careers, you’ll have access to an extremely high-level support system that is live and ongoing in many locations.

Where will it lead meWhere Will It Lead Me?

This course is your pathway to becoming a credentialled coach. It is designed for those wanting to become a professional coach and those looking to obtain an ACC credential.

This is a highly credible life coaching course taught by an experienced facilitator and certified coach. Being a coach is an extremely rewarding career, helping individuals and teams have a breakthroughs, take action, create self-awareness and make lasting change. The options for you are to work as internal coach for a company, start your own business as a Coach in any area you choose (life, relationship, corporate, mindset, leadership …), and of course integrate the skills you develop into existing roles you hold in your workplace, community positions and personal relationships.

  • Life Coach

How much will it costHow Much Will It Cost?

The full fee for this course is $4,450 + GST. Discounts for upfront payment and payment plans are available. Enquire now to find out more.

Pre-requisitesWhat You'll Need To Get In

There are no formal prerequisites for this course. 

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