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Horticulture is a varied industry, ranging from the study of our landscape and fruits and vegetables, but in today's world, there are also technological elements to this practice for you to consider as a field of interest.

This is an important occupation for the knowledge of the environment and improving how we use plants for food. There is much demand for it in the education, government or private sectors. It is one profession guaranteed to be around for years to come.

Is Horticulture Right For You?

If you think plants, the Earth and anything green is boring then walk away from a career in horticulture as this is the bases of this industry. But if getting your hands dirty, working outside and in and amongst nature gets you excited then step right this way.

In addition to specific qualifications required to work a variety of jobs in the field, horticulturists need to possess exceptional teamwork, attention to detail, public engagement and possibly managerial skills to be successful in this career.

Job Opportunities

A career in horticulture is rich and varied. Here are a few insights to consider is you are contemplating joining the horticulture industry:

  • Garden and Nursery Labourers work in most parts of Australia.
  • Over the next 5 years (to May 2022) the number of workers is expected to stay about the same at 14,200. Around 6,000 job openings are likely over this time from workers leaving and new jobs being created.
  • Average earnings for full-time Agricultural and Forestry Scientist are around $1,473 per week (higher than the all jobs average of $1,230). Earnings tend to be lower when starting out and higher as experience grows.
  • Full-time work is common. Full-time workers, on average, work 38.7 hours per week (compared to the all jobs average of 40 hours).

Types of Courses

There are a vast range of horticulture courses available for study Australia wide. They are offered to every individual living in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. There are beginner short courses and more in depth certificates focusing on specialised areas of horticulture study such as crop harvesting, production and the sciences on offer. Do you want just a peek into the wonderful world of gardens? Then a short course in horticulture is a perfect place to get started or is something more analytical your forte? There is something for everyone.

Here is a quick overview of what's out there in horticultural courses today:

Certificate I in Horticulture

This is certificate is for beginners in the horticultural industry. It covers the basic knowledge in preparation of entering the workforce by undertaking a variety of tasks under supervision.

Certificate II in Horticulture

This qualification is 6 months and defines the physics of the tasks and job roles that can lead to a horticultural trade qualification.

Certificate III in Horticulture

This course is an average of 1 year and provides a general vocational outcome of amenity horticulture. This certificate is not suited to Horticulture trades.

Career Outcomes

A career in horticulture is a deep and meaningful pathway to living a fulfilled life in amongst nature. There are many existing job titles, some you might never have heard of. Here's a list to broaden your job ideas in the industry:

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Turf Manager
  • Horticultural Tradesperson
  • Groundsperson
  • Landscape Gardener
  • Greenkeeper
  • Nursery Worker
  • Arboriculture Worker

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