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Find Out if a Career in Fitness Is Your Way of Making a Difference: 

Fitness instructors advise clients on the right diet and exercise programs to follow carrying out personal assessments of a person's overall health. One on one training or group workout sessions can be conducted by the fitness professional in a variety of settings depending on how the fitness individual chooses to operate.

Today, where killers such as obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol are on the rise, the fitness industry is in demand more than ever.  

Is a Career in Fitness Right for You?

Energy is at the heart of fitness. If you are an active person or want to be and have the enthusiasm to motivate others to reach their goals then fitness could be your calling. You need high energy day-in-and-day-out to encourage others to find the strength to want to keep fit and to demonstrate fitness in yourself to inspire others on their journey.

Fitness is also about business skills and problem-solving. Depending on whether you choose a role as a personal trainer or as a fitness manager, knowing how to conduct these services in a professional capacity is essential.

Other 'non-technical' characteristics required in fitness are patience; understanding; empathy and non-judgement. These elements together with sound team working abilities, correct assessment and observational skills will go a long way in supporting a highly productive and abundant profession in the fitness industry.

Job Opportunites

Here are a few facts and figures from 'Fitness Australia' and '' we think you'll like when considering a career in the fitness industry:

  • Fitness/gym activities are the second most participated type of sport and recreation by Australians
  • Overall, it is estimated that approximately 1.448 million men and 1.875 million women are participating in Fitness/Gym activities, not including yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and weightlifting (3.324 million Australians in total)
  • A fitness Instructor currently earns AU$40,418 - AU$93,502
  • If the current rate of total Australian participation in fitness/gym activities is maintained, this will equate to approximately 3.6 million Australians participating in 2020, and approximately 3.9 million in 2025

Types of Courses

There is a well of choices out there when it comes to fitness courses, offered both online, face to face and Australia wide. It can be a difficult decision and a highly overwhelming one when choosing which is right for you? Ask yourself what area of fitness interests you the most? Motivating others to get fit and live a healthy life or reaching for the stars and managing your own fitness centre?

Whatever your area of interest, here is a brief descriptive overview of the fitness courses available for you to study.

Short Courses

A short course in fitness foundations provides you with the practice to start working in the health industry right away. You will gain the basic knowledge required to extend your education in becoming a personal trainer, learning about the human anatomy, physiology and how they apply to fitness.

Certificate III in Fitness

This course can be undertaken over one year and is based in a gym setting. The qualification is earned through demonstrating a range of functions and activities that reflect the role of a fitness instructor providing exercise instruction for groups in aquatic or gym sessions.

Certificate IV in Fitness

A certificate IV in fitness explores the vocation of what is takes to become a personal trainer. Working one on one with individuals or in group sessions, you will learn specialised skills from industry professionals in how to implement health-related components of fitness in relatively low-risk situations.

Career Outcomes

A career in fitness could change your life as well as helping to change the lives of others in the long run. Here are some potential job ideas:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym Instructor
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Outdoor Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Boot Camp Instructor
  • Recreation Officer
  • Activity Operation Officer
  • Sport and Recreation Attendant
  • Leisure Service Officer

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