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If you like to help people and would like to make a career out of it here’s the lowdown on what to expect:

As a Counsellor, you’ll work with clients to help them with issues and difficulties in their life and work, so that they can resolve their problems and achieve their goals.   

If you decide on a career in counselling, you’ll help with life, career, family, and study, issues by providing resources, strategies and information as necessary.  You’ll assess your clients' situation and work with them toward a positive outcome.

Skills required will be professionalism, discretion, and the ability to analyse.  You’ll also develop skills in reporting, research, interventions and strategies to best help your clients.

Job Opportunities

Tempted by a counselling career?  You’ll like it even more when you read this;  

  • Counsellors work in most parts of Australia.

  • You’ll find work in Health Care, Social Assistance, Education and Training, Public Administration and Safety and the private sector.

  • Opportunities for part-time work are common.

  • Average earnings for full-time workers are around $50,000 to $80,000 per annum.

Types of Courses

A bachelor degree is usually required to start your counselling career.

Short Courses:

Short courses related to counselling are a great way to find out more about what a career in counselling is about.  You can also enjoy related topics to help you build on your knowledge.

Short Courses can last around 3 to 7 weeks and can focus in on a variety of niche topics.

Certificate II/III Courses:

A Certificate II and III courses in related topics, or counselling will start to build on your knowledge in preparation for higher education.  

Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor degree is an entry level requirement for a counselling career.  It is an extensive course covering everything that you could possibly need to know about your profession as a counsellor.

Career Outcomes

There are related jobs that you can work within as part of your career in counselling, such as;

  • Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
  • Family and Marriage Counsellor
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • Student Counsellor

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