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Want To Keep The Conversation Going With A Career In Communication

A career in Communication can lead you far and wide regarding choice, and opportunity to specialise and grow in your career -  and it shows no sign of slowing down.

You’ll be involved with communicating with a purpose through the use of media, journalism, technology and any other way that ensures communication prevails (AKA everywhere!).

Skills you’ll need to have or develop are; the ability to think abstractly, to structure information in an orderly way, excellent written and oral skills, and an open analytical mind.  

Job Opportunities

If you find a career in communications to be interesting here's more information to sweeten the deal!

  • Average annual salary is between $40,000 - $75,000 (depending upon position and  location).

  • Communications is a booming industry that offers much potential to excel and exceed.

  • There are plenty of opportunities to progress into different roles all over Australia.

Types of Courses

Entry requirements into a career in Communication can vary depending upon the position held.  To give yourself the best opportunities a bachelor degree is the preferred qualifications.

Short Courses:

Before you invest in a few years of study, try a short course in communications to try out the different disciplines and find the right direction for you.

Short Courses can last around 3 to 7 weeks and can focus in on a variety of niche topics.

Certificate II Courses:

A Certificate II course will offer you a solid grounding on all of the skills required to work under supervision in an entry-level position.  

Certificate III Courses:

A certificate III course in Communications teaches the full but necessary range of skills and knowledge that is required. To enhance your experience of communications and advance your career.

Bachelors In Communication

A Bachelors in Communications will teach you everything you need to know about your career in communications. Such as learning about core communication areas, journalism, social media, news reporting, and the connections between them all.  In the end, you’ll know how to create and implement effective communication strategies.

Career Outcomes

Job opportunities in Communications are vast, here are a few options that you might enjoy;

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing Officer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Direct Marketing Officer
  • Market Research Assistant