how to become a marketer
Do products sell without marketers? Probably not! Without savvy enthusiastic individuals, products will have a difficult time flying off the shelves. This is because as consumers, we all respond to the techniques marketers perfect. You cannot market any product to everyone. You need to identify who needs the products you are marketing. Then use consumer data to target potential customers. There is no doubt the marketer’s role is exciting. Using your creativity as well as your analytical mind you make informed decisions based on information you collect. You may even get involved with product design helping to perfect a product for the target consumer base
Do you thrive on lofty goals? You have a creative mind and you love to be in the thick of the action. Then marketing may be a perfect opportunity for you. The best part? As long as there is consumerism there will be a need for marketers.
Keep reading to find out what it takes to be a marketer as we take you on a step by step journey to reach your dream job goal.

Step one: Enrol to take a marketing course

To launch a career in marketing you are not required to gain any qualifications. Yet, due to the specialised knowledge, you need to be able to work to the best of your ability. Taking the time to pursue a course is highly recommended. For people already in employment, there are part-time online courses you can take. Or for those of you who can, there are various degrees to choose from. Before you get started, check the Australian Marketing Institute and/or The Australian Market and Social Research Society recognise the course you have chosen.

Step two: Get accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute and/ or The Australian Market and Social Research Society

Gaining qualifications is a critical step towards finding your new job as a marketer. Don’t underestimate the value of being accredited by a respected institution. This will give you an edge over competitors along with access to a huge business network. You can take advantage of their meetings and seminars to keep your knowledge up-to-date. Then use events for networking opportunities. If you are planning to freelance or to be self-employed accreditation is also a vital badge to have especially when you first start looking for work.

Step three: Look for your first job

You are qualified and accredited – well done you! Now, it is time to look for your first exciting job as a marketer. Make sure you optimise your resume to highlight your strengths, qualifications, and accreditation. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality. Most courses will give you support and advice on how to apply for work once you qualify. The institute and research society have various tools you can use to help you search and prepare for interviews. If you have any personal projects you have worked on you can make a portfolio of your work to demonstrate how you have used your skills. 

Step four: Gain experience

Well, demand for marketers is high across Australia and the world. So we are sure you will find your first job reasonably quickly. Once you have settled into your new role, concentrate on building up your experience. When you have perfected your art you will find a whole new world of opportunities at your feet. 

Step five: Consider a specialisation

Marketing is a broad role which you can practice across all industries. Find an industry you enjoy, and get excited about. Then, your enthusiasm will not fail to translate across to your marketing practice and successes. As you gain experience you can consider setting your sights on a career progression through a specialisation.

Social Media Marketing

If you love social, you love media and you love marketing, then why not become a social media marketer. Social media is not going away any time soon, and this job market will surely only see growth over the coming years. In this role, you use your marketing expertise on social media platform to amplify your marketing messages. 

Product Manager

Progressing into a management role could be a very rewarding step to take on your career path. As a product manager, you are responsible for a specific product, range or brand. You set the action plan for the marketing and development of these particular products. At the same time, you make sure products are on-trend. You make sure the products are appropriate for the demographic you target. Then you track to make sure the marketing strategies are having a positive effect. A rewarding role for people who would like to take a big-picture view, and would like to develop their skills as a leader.

Advertising Manager

If you have a creative streak, and a knack for coming up with savvy strategies, then the role of an advertising manager could be for you. The advertising manager is the person who comes up with the grand plan for products and services. Using your creative inspiration you target specific groups of people using different platforms. Then you come up with innovative, creative, funny, clever ways to advertise your products.

Marketer Job Description

Marketers take charge of a product, or service and use their skills to raise the profile and sales of said item. You mastermind a game plan and use tools such as media coverage and advertising to reach the target audience. In order to come up with the perfect approach, you conduct research. Then, you effectively analyse the results. You target and increase brand exposure using different platforms to amplify your message. After measuring and monitoring consumer response. You feedback your findings to the product design teams. Don’t think you will ever have a dull day!


  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Identifying and targeting key markets for your product
  • Analysing data related to the company you work for and their competitors
  • Conducting surveys to measure consumer opinion
  • Providing feedback on the product to relevant teams

Skills for success

Foremost, as the champion of your employer. You must tap into the qualities of the products you are marketing even if you would not use them yourself. If you aren’t a fan of wheat-grass juice, you still might have to market this product. You should be a positive thinker, good at taking the initiative, and able to analyse data you collect. Social media savvy is essential in this day and age. Your aim, remember, is to maximise sales and brand awareness. You will need to communicate well and understand what makes consumers tick (or buy)! You will identify the product strengths and identify a target audience. As you work on the marketing plan for your product you will give feedback to the product design team. To do this effectively you will need to identify potential issues with the product you are in charge of.

Skills and attributes

  • Good at analysing information
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good communicator
  • Understand the psychology of consumers
  • Social media extraordinaire

What is the average marketing salary in Australia?

In Australia, marketers earn a median wage of $77,134 per year. This varies according to a number of factors and is intended as a reference only, from Payscale 05/’18.

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