Need some professional development? Looking for a personal challenge? ShortCourseFinder is the simple way to find, compare and sign up for certificates and short courses from Australia’s top providers.

Whether you’re a skills-seeker or a hobby-hoarder – we’ve got you covered!The CourseFinder family

Why ShortCourseFinder?

Brought to you by the team behind CourseFinder, ShortCourseFinder caters to people looking for a quick skills fix. With courses as short as two hours, you’ll be able to find something to suit you – no matter how little time you have!

With so much choice out there, it can be tricky to separate the good stuff from the time-wasters. By bringing together courses from different providers in one easy-to-navigate location, ShortCourseFinder helps you compare your options, hassle free.

ShortCourseFinder’s 5 easy steps:

  1. Browse our range of short courses by interest or industry area
  2. Find a course that grabs your attention
  3. Read its description to make sure it ticks all of your boxes
  4. Enquire for more info
  5. Sit tight and wait for the course provider to contact you

That’s the long and short of it. Go on, learn something new today!

Our partners

We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s top education providers to bring you a wide range of short courses. Covering everything from animal care to computing skills, hospitality to languages, you’re sure to find a course to suit your needs – whether that’s business or pleasure.

Our partners are known for offering quality courses, providing first-rate student support and being leaders in online education. So get going and learn from the best!

Ready to get started? Take a wander through our range of short courses and get stuck into something today!

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