Certificate in The Stock Market for Beginners Online Short Course

Provider Courses for Success
Course Outcome Certificate of Completion
Study Mode Online
Duration 5-10 hours
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Cost $399.00
  • What you'll learn


    Investing doesn’t have to be an unsolvable puzzle. Simple unlock the mysteries of the stock market by completing this Stock Market for Beginners Online Short Course.

    This course will teach you the essentials of investing in the stock market. You’ll also learn the history of the stock market and have a deeper understanding of the pros and cons currently associated with investing.

    Completion of this short course will give you a foundational knowledge of shares and selling on the market. You will also be equipped with tools that will help you choose the right broker to handle your investments.

    After purchasing this course, you will be provided with unlimited, lifetime access to its materials.

  • Ideal for


    Individuals looking to invest in the near or distant future. This course is also helpful to those who are current shareholders .

    There are no formal entry requirements for this short course, however students need to have basic literacy and numeracy skills and be at least 16 years of age.

  • Career Outcomes


    By the end of this course, you will understand what it means to invest in the stock market, and be equipped to make decisions that will satisfy your financial needs. The course will also open up career opportunities for you to become a share investor, trader or broker.

    Completion of this short course will also see you awarded with a Courses for Success certificate of completion.

  • Course Content



    • The stock market: introduction
    • Risk in investment
    • What is a share
    • Shares
    • Why do companies have shares?
    • Shares continued
    • Raising capital
    • Raising capital continued
    • Dividends
    • Tax imputations
    • How tax imputations work
    • Franking
    • What is the stock market?
    • Stock markets throughout the world
    • Stock markets throughout the world continued
    • What happens in a ‘stock market’
    • Initial public offer
    • How many shares in a company?
    • Company shares

    Pros and cons

    • Share market investing – the pros and cons
    • Share market investing pros – part 1
    • Share market investing pros – part 2
    • Share market investing pros – part 3
    • Share market investing pros – part 4
    • Share market investing cons – part 1
    • Share market investing cons – part 2
    • Share market investing cons – part 3
    • Share market investing cons – part 4

    Investing in shares

    • Investing in the stock market
    • Researching your investments – part 1
    • Researching your investments – part 2
    • Investment goals
    • Planning
    • Sentiment
    • Sentiment - buy on a low, sell on a high
    • Don't panic!
    • Investment strategy
    • Your personal investment strategy
    • Investment strategy - direct investment
    • Direct investment strategy
    • Indirect investment strategy
    • Ever changing investment strategies
    • Negative gearing – part 1
    • Negative gearing – part 2

    Buying and selling

    • Stock market transactions
    • Blue chip shares
    • Companies selling Shares
    • Blue chip companies – part 1
    • Blue chip companies – part 2
    • Market capitalisation
    • Blue chip shares and market caps
    • Share market Indices
    • The win win of blue chip shares
    • Speculative shares
    • Speculative share investments
    • Speculative shares – risks
    • IPO float
    • After the float (IPO)
    • Stock brokers
    • Stock brokers – buying shares
    • Registering with a broker
    • Stock brokers – buy orders
    • Full brokerage service
    • The contract note
    • The brokerage fee
    • Discount brokers
    • Discount brokers – non personal service
    • Stock brokers – selling shares
    • The sell order
    • Buying and selling transactions
    • Choosing a broker
    • Choosing a broker continued
    • The trading process
    • Share title
    • Share titles and automated systems
    • Holding statements
    • Gifting shares
    • The stock market – recap
    • The stock market – recap continued
    • Tips and tricks – part 1
    • Tips and tricks – part 2
    • Tips and tricks – part 3
    • Congratulations!
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