Certificate in Publisher 2013 Essentials Online Short Course

Provider Courses for Success
Course Outcome Certificate of Completion
Study Mode Online
Duration 6-8 hours
Start Date Anytime – start today!
Cost $199.00
  • What you'll learn


    The Publisher 2013 Essentials online short course is your map through unchartered territory. Let this online short course guide you as you learn to start the program, select a template, choose fonts, insert pictures and begin your publishing. The course teaches you editing skills as you cut, copy and paste text and pictures until they are in perfect position.

    Learn how to format paragraphs for professional documents and insert text boxes, numbers and bullet points for dramatic effects.

    After purchasing this course, you will be provided with unlimited, lifetime access to its materials.

  • Ideal for


    Anyone creating print or digital publications such as business cards, menus or invitations. Especially helpful for those who prefer to learn at their own pace, the Publisher 2013 Essentials online short course fits every schedule.

    There are no formal entry requirements for this short course, however you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to access course materials.

  • Career Outcomes


    The Publisher 2010 Essentials short course is designed to give you freedom. You are free to learn at your own pace, practice your skills and then publish your documents in ways to that will delight and excite you and your readers.

    Completion of this short course will see you awarded with a Courses For Success certificate of completion.

  • Course Content


    Module one: getting started

    By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Create new publications from a template or a blank file
    • Understand the Publisher interface
    • Create a publication with pictures, text, hyperlinks, page parts, business information, and multiple pages
    • Work with pictures
    • Work with text editing and formatting
    • Work with objects
    • Work with pages
    • Finalise files for publication

    Module two: opening Publisher

    • Lesson one: opening Publisher
    • Lesson two: opening recent and other files
    • Lesson three: creating a new publication using a template
    • Lesson four: creating a new blank publication

    Module three: working with the interface

    • Lesson one: understanding the interface
    • Lesson two:  about your account and feedback
    • Lesson three: editing your business information
    • Lesson four: saving files
    • Lesson five: using the pages pane

    Module four: your first publication

    • Lesson one: adding pictures
    • Lesson two: adding text
    • Lesson three: adding hyperlinks
    • Lesson four: adding page parts
    • Lesson five: adding business information
    • Lesson six: adding a new page

    Module five: working with pictures

    • Lesson one: adding more than one picture at a time
    • Lesson two: inserting a picture placeholder
    • Lesson three: swapping pictures
    • Lesson four: an introduction to the picture tools tab
    • Lesson five: adding a picture caption
    • Lesson six: resizing, moving, and deleting a picture

    Module six: basic editing tasks

    • Lesson one: selecting, editing, and deleting text
    • Lesson two: using cut, copy, and paste
    • Lesson three: using the office clipboard
    • Lesson four: using undo and redo
    • Lesson five: finding and replacing text

    Module seven: formatting fonts

    • Lesson one: changing font face and size
    • Lesson two: changing font colour
    • Lesson three: adding font enhancements
    • Lesson four: using the font dialogue
    • Lesson five: clearing formatting

    Module eight: formatting paragraphs

    • Lesson one: changing spacing
    • Lesson two: setting the alignment
    • Lesson three: indenting text
    • Lesson four: adding bullets and numbering
    • Lesson five: using the paragraph dialogue
    • Lesson six: applying styles

    Module nine: working with objects

    • Lesson one: drawing shapes
    • Lesson two: an introduction to the drawing tools tab
    • Lesson three: using shape fill and outline
    • Lesson four: aligning and distributing objects
    • Lesson five: inserting tables
    • Lesson six: linking text boxes

    Module ten: working with pages

    • Lesson one: using colour and font schemes
    • Lesson two: choosing a background
    • Lesson three: changing the page setup
    • Lesson four: working with the header & footer options
    • Lesson five: moving, renaming, and deleting pages

    Module eleven: publishing your work

    • Lesson one: checking your spelling
    • Lesson two: printing or previewing your publication
    • Lesson three: sharing your publication
    • Lesson four: saving for photo printing or a commercial printer

    Module twelve: wrapping up
    Words from the wise

    • Create professional quality publications either from scratch or using a number of office.com templates
    • Use the backstage view to easily create, open, print, and share your publications
    • Enhance the look of your publication by formatting fonts, paragraphs, and objects
    • Use styles to ensure consistent formatting throughout your document
    • Use the powerful page formatting tools to create eye-catching effects
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