Certificate in Outlook 2010 Essentials Online Short Course

Provider Courses for Success
Course Outcome Certificate of Completion
Study Mode Online
Duration 6 to 8 hours
Start Date Anytime – start today!
Cost $199.00
  • What you'll learn


    This online short course will introduce you to all the basic functions of Outlook 2010. After completing this online short course, you’ll be able to do the following tasks:

    • Open and properly close Outlook
    • Use the Outlook interface along with the new Backstage feature
    • Set up email accounts and view your inbox
    • Send and receive secure email messages
    • Create, send or ignore and/or delete emails, when appropriate
    • Print your emails
    • Handle junk mail and spam
    • Mark items as read or unread
    • Create folders to organise messages
    • Attach files, pictures and documents to your emails
    • Flag messages for follow-up
    • Create tasks and to-do lists
    • Create and organise your contacts
    • Search for emails, appointments and tasks

    After purchasing this course, you will be provided with unlimited, lifetime access to its materials.

  • Ideal for


    Anyone who wants to learn the basic features of Outlook 2010. Mastering the basics of Outlook will help you to organise your schedule and emails so you can be more efficient. This online short course will teach you the essentials in just 6 to 8 study hours.

    There are no formal entry requirements for this short course, however you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to access course materials.

  • Career Outcomes


    You’ll learn how to use the essential features of Outlook 2010 to organise your appointments, manage, write and send emails and to create useful calendars to control your schedule. By becoming familiar with Outlook 2010 basics you will gain confidence in using its powerful features to order your professional and personal life.

    Completion of this short course will see you awarded with a Courses For Success certificate of completion.

  • Course Content


    Module one: getting started

    By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Open and close Outlook
    • Use the Outlook interface, including the new backstage view
    • Set up an email account
    • View the inbox
    • Send and receive messages
    • View messages
    • Use quick steps
    • Reply to or forward messages
    • Delete email
    • Ignore email
    • Create and send a new message
    • Address a new message
    • Create the body of an email message
    • Attach files to messages
    • Mark an item as read or unread
    • Print messages
    • Create folders and use them to organise messages
    • Understand and handle junk mail
    • Create rules for handling messages
    • Use categories
    • Flag items for follow-up
    • Search for items
    • Understand appointments and the calendar
    • Understand tasks and the to-do list
    • Create and organise contacts

    Module two: opening and closing Outlook

    • Lesson one: opening Outlook
    • Lesson two: understanding the interface
    • Lesson three: using backstage view
    • Lesson four: setting up an email account
    • Lesson five: viewing your inbox
    • Lesson six: closing Outlook

    Module three: working with email

    • Lesson one: sending and receiving mail
    • Lesson two: viewing an email
    • Lesson three: replying to or forwarding an email
    • Lesson four: deleting an email
    • Lesson five: ignoring email
    • Lesson six: using quick steps

    Module four: creating a new email

    • Lesson one: creating an email
    • Lesson two: addressing an email
    • Lesson three: creating the body
    • Lesson four: attaching a file
    • Lesson five: sending the message

    Module five: managing email

    • Lesson one: marking an item as read or unread
    • Lesson two: printing a message
    • Lesson three: creating folders
    • Lesson four: moving messages to folders
    • Lesson five: renaming, moving, and deleting folders

    Module six: managing junk mail

    • Lesson one: about the junk mail filter
    • Lesson two: enabling junk mail filtering
    • Lesson three: enabling the phishing filter
    • Lesson four: modifying safe and blocked senders lists
    • Lesson five: marking a message as junk or not junk

    Module seven: Outlook's organisation tools

    • Lesson one: creating a basic rule
    • Lesson two: creating an advanced rule
    • Lesson three: using categories
    • Lesson four: flagging an item for follow-up
    • Lesson five: viewing favourite folders

    Module eight: searching for items

    • Lesson one: understanding search folders
    • Lesson two: setting up and using search folders
    • Lesson three: using instant search
    • Lesson four: using advanced search
    • Lesson five: using contact search

    Module nine: an introduction to the calendar

    • Lesson one: getting started
    • Lesson two: creating an appointment
    • Lesson three: changing your calendar view
    • Lesson four: editing an appointment
    • Lesson five: managing reminders

    Module ten: an introduction to tasks

    • Lesson one: getting started
    • Lesson two: creating a new task
    • Lesson three: editing a task
    • Lesson four: updating task status
    • Lesson five: basic task views

    Module eleven: an introduction to contacts

    • Lesson one: getting started
    • Lesson two: creating a new contact
    • Lesson three: editing a contact
    • Lesson four: organising contacts
    • Lesson five: basic contact views

    Module twelve: wrapping up
    words from the wise:

    • Send robust messages, taking advantage of text formatting and insertion tools
    • Outlook’s tools can help you filter out the messages you don’t want to read
    • Apply rules to your messages to apply different actions to your messages
    • Stay organised by creating folders to store your Outlook items
    • Stay on track with your projects by using flags and tasks
    • Keep in touch by using Outlook to manage your contacts
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