Certificate in Interpersonal Skills Online Short Course

Provider Courses for Success
Course Outcome Certificate of Completion
Study Mode Online
Duration 6-8 hours
Start Date Anytime – start today!
Cost $199.00
  • What you'll learn


    In this online short course, offered by Courses for Success, you’ll learn how to develop and maintain effective interpersonal skills.

    You will be introduced to the concepts and importance of active listening, body language, remembering and using names, the right way to ask questions and negotiate, and being assertive without being offensive.

    Learn how to start conversations and network with ease, as you gain powerful communication skills that will have you leaving a lasting impression.

    After purchasing this course, you will be provided with unlimited, lifetime access to its materials. Reference, review, and refresh your knowledge at any time from any computer in the world.

  • Ideal for


    This course is ideal for anyone wishing to learn about or improve their knowledge of interpersonal skills. If you’ve ever felt like a bit of a wilting flower when it comes to conversation, this short course will have you oozing charisma in no time.

    There are no formal entry requirements for this short course, however you will need internet access and Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to access all course materials.

  • Career Outcomes


    By the end of this online short course, you will be able to recognise and employ the high-level interpersonal communication skills you need to effectively interact with others.

    Completion of this short course will see you awarded with a Courses for Success certificate of completion.

  • Course Content


    Module 1 - Getting started

    Module 2 - Verbal communication skills

    • Listening and hearing: they aren't the same thing
    • Asking questions
    • Communicating with power

    Module 3 - Non-verbal communication skills

    • Body language
    • The signals you sent to others
    • It's not what you say, it's how you say it

    Module 4 - Making small talk and moving beyond

    • Starting a conversation
    • The four levels of conversation

    Module 5 - Moving the conversation along

    • Asking for examples
    • Using repetition
    • Using summary questions
    • Asking for clarity and completeness

    Module 6 - Remembering names

    • Creating a powerful introduction
    • Using mnemonics
    • Uh-oh... I've forgotten your name

    Module 7 - Influencing skills

    • Seeing the other side
    • Building a bridge
    • Giving in without giving up

    Module 8 - Bringing people to your side

    • A dash of emotion
    • Plenty of facts
    • Bringing it all together

    Module 9 - Sharing your opinion

    • Using I-messages
    • Disagreeing constructively
    • Building consensus

    Module 10 - Negotiation basics

    • Preparation
    • Opening
    • Bargaining
    • Closing

    Module 11 - Making an impact

    • Creating a powerful first impression
    • Assessing a situation
    • Being zealous without being offensive

    Module 12 - Wrapping up

    Words from the wise:

    • Yogi Berra – In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.
    • Dwight Eisenhower – Plans are nothing; planning is everything.
    • Jonas Salk – The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.
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