Communication in the Workplace

Provider Pointsbuild
Course Outcome 2 CPD points + certificate
Study Mode Online
Duration 2 hours
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  • What you'll learn


    Communication is the key to a happy workplace and it takes place in many forms from interpersonal behaviour to verbal assertion to negotiation. If you want to get your point across more effectively in the workplace then this course will take you through the methods of communication and give you the confidence to speak up. If you’re a builder trying to find your voice then this onle Communications in the Workplace short course, offered by Pointsbuild, is ideal for you!

    You will benefit from a range of communication techniques and gain an understanding of what is considered appropriate for different situations – skills that will not only benefit you in your job, but also those you work with.

  • Ideal for


    This course is aimed at licensed builders looking to undergo compulsory CPD as part of the licence renewal process.

  • Career Outcomes


    Completion of this short course will help you to refine your approach to communication, making you more effective and giving you the confidence to be an assertive team member and supervisor.

  • Course Content

    • Styles of interpersonal behaviour
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Barriers to assertion
    • The basic points of assertion
    • General guidelines to help you be successfully assertive
    • Assertiveness at work
    • Supervisors
    • Model for negotiation
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